Moving a museum...

The whole team is pitching in The Musée

The Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts (mcb-a) is vacating the Palais de Rumine, its home since 1904. And so the team is setting about combining all the main functions – acquisition, conservation, presentation and visitor services – with the marvellous potential provided by made-to-measure premises and a truly remarkable site.

As of now every section of the staff is involved in the great mcb-a transformation.

The various specialists are preparing the transport of the collection's 11,000-odd works of art to new storage facilities, together with the library and the archives. Preventive conservation and photographic and academic documentation operations are already underway, as is the fitting-out of the new library. Meanwhile exhibitions and their related publications are in preparation for the two big exhibition areas – one for permanent display of the collection, the other for temporary exhibitions – and for the special "Spotlight on the Collection" and "Contemporary Art Projects" spaces.

The move will be accompanied by a visual transformation: the Communication team is working on a new visual identity and planning digital innovations for the collection and museum activities, in particular via a new website and a higher profile on the social networks.

The museum administration is coordinating the logistics of the move in terms of both property and human resources and overseeing the structural and organisational changes within the institution: new hirings, training of personnel and development of new management tools will ensure the museum's smooth functioning in its new home.

Seen as the cornerstone of the future museum, visitor services are going to be expanded. The cultural liaison section is rethinking its approach to assistance for visitors and imparting knowledge: new forms of welcome, updated educational equipment and methods, and a whole new range of events adapted to individual needs and wishes.

Exploring new possibilities while retaining the essential.
Very much aware both of its duties and the public's expectations, the Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts de Lausanne is devoting the coming months to writing a new page of its history.