Accessibility archive

We are keen to offer a positive experience to all visitors, whatever their needs, and offer visits tailored to meet individual requirements on request.

MCBA is committed to developing an inclusive visitor experience, working with and for people with all types of disability.

Services for people with mobility restrictions

The MCBA building is accessible for people with mobility restrictions.

The museum entrance is 300 metres from Lausanne station. Please be aware that the pavement has a steep slope. Construction works are currently underway at the PLATEFORME 10 site and train station: alternative access routes will be signposted if necessary.

Parking spaces reserved for people with mobility restriction are situated a few meters above the public square, to be accessed from Avenue Louis-Ruchonnet.

People with mobility restiction are allowed to get off a car at the immediate entrance of the museum, provided that the vehicle is not parked on site for more than a few moments.

If you require assistance in getting to MCBA from the station, please call +41 21 318 44 00 or email

Folding seats are available – just ask a member of staff or pick up a stool from the racks located on each level.

Services for people with hearing difficulties

All public guided tours are open to people with hearing difficulties thanks to the Comfort Audio assistive listening system. The reception desk is also equipped with an audio induction loop.

The audio induction loop works with all hearing aids with a T setting.

Portable receivers are available for people with hearing difficulties who do not wear hearing aids or have hearing aids without a T setting.

The discreet, user-friendly audio induction loop system amplifies the guide’s voice. The wearer can comfortably follow the visit even when standing some metres away from the speaker.

The audio induction loop can be booked ahead of your visit here.

Services for the Deaf

The museum app includes a ten-step guided tour in French sign language. Available to download:

App Store
Google Play

Sign-language interpreters are welcome on public guided tours.

Services for people with visual deficiencies & the Blind

The museum app includes a spoken-word guide for people with visual deficiencies.

Guide dogs are welcome in the exhibition spaces.

Descriptive tours of the permanent collection and temporary exhibitions can be organised on request.

If you require assistance in getting to MCBA from the station, please call +41 21 318 44 00 or email

The association L’Art d’inclure organises cultural activities including adaptive museum visits for people with visual and aural deficiencies alongside all sectors of the community:

Services for people with intellectual disabilities

MCBA works alongside associations and other stakeholders on an ad hoc basis and is open to collaborations in this area.
Please contact