MCBA thanks all its partners for their generous support

PLATEFORME 10 main partner

MCBA main partners

Patrons, private and institutionnal partners

MCBA was built on the basis of a public / private partnership with the support of the following foundations, associations and companies (some wishing to remain anonymous):

  • Organe vaudois de répartition de la Loterie Romande
  • Fondation Leenaards (Partner for the arcades)
  • Mme Alice Pauli
  • Fondation Ernst Göhner
  • Fondation Art et Vie
  • Philip Morris International Management S.A.
  • Établissement Cantonal d’Assurance
  • Magdalena Abakanowicz’s Charitable Foundation
  • Fondation Payot
  • Association Rétrospective Pierrette Gonseth-Favre