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MCBA is moving to the PLATFORM 10 site, near Lausanne station. A new city district, devoted to cultural activities, is emerging, as two other museums will soon be moving too: the Musée de l’Elysée and the mudac.

Fine art, photography, design, textile arts: by their very nature, these artistic fields have reason to enter into dialogue. The union of the Musée cantonal des Beaux-arts (MCBA), the Musée de l’Elysée and the mudac, complemented by the presence of the Toms Pauli and Félix Vallotton Foundations, will form PLATEFORME 10, a new “arts district” next to the Lausanne train station. It is a genuine cultural platform that aims to overstep the natural barriers of each of the institutions on site, in order to give the place an energy and a competitiveness that are highly attractive.

PLATEFORME 10 will consist of more than the museums. Its welcoming, open environment will benefit from a large complementary programme that enriches this cultural platform in the heart of the city. This will help attract a broad range of visitors, particularly those who rarely or never set foot in museums. Partly involving the fourteen arcades in the northern retaining wall, but extending throughout the site, the shared programme will serve as a showcase for museal activities while also providing a place to meet, eat and relax. The site’s facilities and atmo­sphere will highlight the cultural char­acter of the district. This common space will also include services shared by the museums, including the bookshop/boutique, the library/documentation centre, various dining spaces as well as auditoriums. The shared programme will also offer activities aimed at stimulating contact with art by using the district’s large public spaces, as well as art residencies that contribute to Plateforme10’s creative dynamic.

With the support of its partners, the City of Lausanne and SBB (Swiss railways), but also and especially thanks to support from civil society: foundations, companies and individuals, PLATEFORME 1O is already taking concrete shape. The mcb-a, designed by the firm run by Italian architect Fabrizio Barozzi and Spanish architect Alberto Veiga, is under construction since October 2016 and will open in 2019. The project to construct the building that will house the mudac and the Musée de l’Elysée, developed by Portuguese architects Manuel and Francisco Aires Mateus, was unanimously approved by a jury in October 2O15. A total of around 180 million Swiss francs will be invested in culture. 75 million will come from patron and sponsor donations, while the rest will be provided by public bodies.

PLATEFORME 10 Foundation

The PLATEFORME 10 Foundation brings together the Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts, the Musée de l’Elysée and the mudac within a single public law foundation. While preserving the identity of the three museums, this new organization facilitates the governance of the site and strengthens the tourist and cultural positioning of PLATEFORME 10. The PLATEFORME 10 Foundation has been operational since January 1st, 2021. As the governing body of the Foundation, the PLATEFORME 10 Foundation Board is responsible for ensuring the implementation of the Foundation’s strategic objectives and its proper management.

The PLATEFORME 10 Foundation Board is composed as follows:

Olivier Audemars, President, Audemars Piguet

Ariane Widmer Pham, Vice President, Architect and Urban Planner

Marco Franciolli, former Director of the Museo d’Arte della Svizzera italiana, MASI Lugano

Hedy Graber, Head of Cultural and Social Affairs, Federation of Migros Cooperatives

Vincent Grandjean, State Chancellor

Patrick Mangold, Legal Counsel and Labour Law Specialist

Nicole Minder, Representative of the State of Vaud, Head of the Cultural Affairs Department

Marie Pok, Director of the CID (center for innovation and design), Grand-Hornu, Belgium

Alexandra Post Quillet, Independent Administrator and Associate of the Academy of Administrators (ACAD)

Agnès Sire, Artistic Director of the Henri Cartier-Bresson Foundation, Paris

A guest seat is granted to the City of Lausanne.

The Executive Board of PLATEFORME 10 is responsible for implementing the strategic line defined by the Foundation Board. Composed of Chantal Prod’Hom, Director of the mudac, Tatyana Franck, Director of the Musée de l’Elysée and Bernard Fibicher, Director of the MCBA, it is chaired by Patrick Gyger, Managing Director of PLATEFORME 10.



Chemin de Mornex 3bis
1003 Lausanne

+41 21 316 25 55

New partners

Musée de l'Elysée

One of the world’s leading museums entirely dedicated to photography

18, avenue de l’Elysée
1006 Lausanne

+41 21 316 99 11

mudac – musée de design et d’arts appliqués contemporains

The Museum of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts prides itself on providing a forum for dialogue and exchange, bringing together design with the applied arts and contemporary art.

Place de la Cathédrale 6
1005 Lausanne

+41 21 315 25 30