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From 2020

An open-access reference collection and six work stations

An open access scanner

One internet workstation (download the library regulations, fees, and request form here/ soon)

In brief

Art history, artist’s monographs, exhibition catalogues, museology, the art market, cultural outreach, conservation, and private collections...

These are just some of the topics from the library’s rich collection of publications on art from the nineteenth to the twenty-first century. The collection covers painting, sculpture, and the visual and graphic arts, with a focus on artists represented in the collections and from the canton of Vaud.

The library also houses the MCBA, Association des amis du Musée, and Balthus archives. The holdings are currently being inventoried.



Catalogue du réseau vaudois des bibliothèques –
For the complete catalogue of the MCBA’s library: search here


  • Catalogue du Réseau des bibliothèques de Suisse occidentale:
    (RERO: Genève, Vaud, Valais, Fribourg, Neuchâtel)
  • SIKART Dictionnaire sur l’art suisse:
  • Art Discovery Group Catalogue, research gateway to art literature:
    An access the ressources of many art libraries in Europe and worldwide
  • Catalogues de la Bibliothèque nationale suisse:
  • Swissbib Métacatalogue de la Bibliothèque nationale suisse, des bibliothèques universitaires et des hautes écoles spécialisées de Suisse: