Yersin Drawer. <br>Quittez mines grises, le printemps est là !

Yersin Drawer.
Quittez mines grises, le printemps est là !



Albert-Edgar Yersin (1905-1984), best known for his talent as an engraver, was first and foremost a master of the art and craft of drawing. A catalogue raisonné of over 1,800 of his works is currently underway. The exhibition showcases some of his most powerful creations, taken in large part from MCBA’s own major holdings of his oeuvre.

From his childhood in America to his final days in Lausanne, Albert-Edgar Yersin was an avid draughtsman, roughing out numerous landscapes, copying paintings by Old Masters, transferring his own sketches to metal plates, experimenting with a range of techniques, and inventing his own highly original style drawing on Surrealism, abstraction and figurative art. As a lecturer in engraving at the Lausanne School of Fine Arts, he was a flamboyant presence on the regional art scene, influencing a generation of artists and sparking a new wave of interest in etching and artists’ books.