Marie Cool Fabio Balducci. Dai campi all’elica


The artist duo Marie Cool Fabio Balducci will be showing new works for this latest exhibition in our special Espace Projet Gallery.

Marie Cool Fabio Balducci have renounced their individualities while leaving them visible still, just as they only ever express themselves in one and the same voice. They have given concrete form to their thinking in installations and actions through objects, fragments of objects, a range of materials, and/or physical phenomena. Their body of work constitutes a reflection on power and the issues it raises, relations of domination, the marginalization of individuals and objects in society, the workings of the economy, and the illusion of democracy.

Curator: Laurence Schmidlin

Credits and image caption:
Marie Cool Fabio Balducci, "From Fields to Propeller", 2022 © the artists


Marie Cool Fabio Balducci

Laurence Schmidlin (ed.), with an introduction by Laurence Schmidlin and essays by Cornelia H. Butler, Pierre Bal-Blanc and Adam Szymczyk. Lausanne, Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts / Geneva, JRP Editions, 2022, French/English, 168 p.

CHF 32.-