Naissance et vie des formes.
Dessins contemporains de la collection


This show explores the theme of drawing and the possibilities that lie within the medium, with some 60 works from the MCBA collections by contemporary artists.

MCBA conserves nearly 11 000 works, over half of which are drawings. Featuring some 60 drawings by 33 contemporary artists – many of which have never been shown before – Naissance et vie des formes invites the public to discover a lesser known part of our collection. The exhibition focuses on the question of the medium’s intrinsic potentiality and the inexhaustible vital energy characterizing it. The title points to not only the initial act of drawing on a support, but also the indecision that springs from those first steps, i.e., the suspended state of the resulting forms, the tension between the mark and the support which together make up a single entity, the random outcomes that are part and parcel of techniques involving liquids, and finally the inner motoricity of drawing.

Exhibition curator: Laurence Schmidlin, museum conservator

Credits and image caption:
Alain Huck, “La passion des éponges et elles me le rendent bien” (The Passion of Sponges and It Is Mutual – taken from the series “Nouvel ordre for you and me”), 1992. Acrylic, Ecoline, and typing on paperboard, 36.7 x 29.3 cm. Acquisition by the Commission cantonale des activités culturelles, 1993. © Alain Huck. Photo © MCBA

Artists featured

Silvia Bächli
Bruno Baeriswyl
Yaron Berent
Lorna Bornand
Cyril Bourquin
Miram Cahn
Gianfredo Camesi
Marianne Décosterd
Alexandre Delay
Martin Disler
Peter Emch
Pierre Haubensak
Barbara Heé
Jean-Claude Hesselbarth
Thomas Huber
Alain Huck
Stéphan Landry
Jean Lecoultre
Urs Lüthi
Jean-Luc Manz
Robert Müller
Muriel Olesen
A. R. Penck
Anne Peverelli
Edmond Quinche
Markus Raetz
Peter Roesch
Klaudia Schifferle
Francine Simonin
Janos Urban
Jacqueline Urban-Nicod
Claude Viallat
Kurt von Ballmoos


Naissance et vie des formes. Dessins contemporains de la collection

Laurence Schmidlin (éd), édition MCBA, 2022. Coll. Espace Focus, n° 6, fr./angl., 32 p., 54 ill.

CHF 5.-