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A Sense of Place

6.4 — 7.4.2019
Free entrance
MCBA is holding two open days to celebrate the completion of the museum's stunning new building, designed by the Barcelona-based architects Barozzi Veiga. Visitors are warmly invited to engage with the new building's Sense of Place: come and lose themselves in the vast spaces, explore the exhibition rooms, venture into the corridors, enjoy the light-filled halls, study every detail and every material, and make the museum their own.

À fleur de peau (Under the Skin)
Vienna 1900. Klimt, Schiele and Kokoschka

14.2 — 24.5.2020


Free entrance
From 13 March 2020 – “Come and see here what you won’t see elsewhere!” is the slogan for the permanent exhibition, laid out chronologically over two floors to showcase treasures…

Taus Makhacheva

13.3 — 17.5.2020

Drawings by Albert-Edgar Yersin

10.4 — 21.6.2020
Free entrance

Jorge Macchi

5.6 — 23.8.2020
Free entrance

Jean Otth

19.6 — 13.9.2020

Giovanni Giacometti. Watercolours

10.7 — 11.10.2020
Free entrance

Anne Rochat. Manor Vaud Culture Prize 2020

11.9 — 22.11.2020
Free entrance

Kiki Smith

9.10.2020 — 10.1.2021

Christian Boltanski

30.10.2020 — 3.1.2021
Free entrance
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