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From 13 March 2020 - "Come and see here what you won't see elsewhere!" is the slogan for the permanent exhibition, laid out chronologically over two floors to showcase treasures from Vaud's art collections, with some three hundred works dating from the eighteenth century to the present day.

Taus Makhacheva. 4’224,92 cm2 of Degas

13.3 — 17.5.2020
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Performances, installations and videos by Taus Makhacheva (*1983) often draw on situations recounted, imagined, or based on real-life events she has witnessed. She questions the grand narratives of history and art history, exploring how they are constructed, what they leave out, and their geographical and political biases.

Yersin Drawer.
Quittez mines grises, le printemps est là !

10.4 — 21.6.2020
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Albert-Edgar Yersin (1905-1984), best known for his talent as an engraver, was first and foremost a master of the art and craft of drawing. A catalogue raisonné of over 1,800 of his works is currently underway. The exhibition showcases some of his most powerful creations, taken in large part from MCBA's own major holdings of his oeuvre.

Jorge Macchi

5.6 — 23.8.2020
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The notion of fiction is at the heart of the works by Argentinian artist Jorge Macchi (*1963). He uses visual traps staging familiar elements such as clocks, instruments, maps, newspapers, and furniture to explore our ability to theorise the fragile equilibrium of everyday life, constantly haunted by the spectre of incidents.

Jean Otth. Spaces of Projection

19.6 — 13.9.2020
Jean Otth (1940–2013), a pioneer of video art in Switzerland, began exploring the visual potential of new technologies as early as the late 1960s, experimenting with slides as projected, dematerialised images, television and its language, and the experimental, shifting nature of video.

Giovanni Giacometti. Watercolours

10.7 — 11.10.2020
Free entrance
Alongside his oil paintings, Giovanni Giacometti (1868-1933) was also a lifelong watercolourist. The exhibition showcases some sixty rarely seen works, some on display for the first time, to shed light on a little-known aspect of the career of a painter who is represented in the MCBA collections by several canvases and drawings.

Hearing You with My Eyes. Kiki Smith

9.10.2020 — 10.1.2021
The art of Kiki Smith (*1954) is a meditation on the body. The artist observes every aspect of corporeal materiality and the conditions shaping the time on earth of the body political, spiritual, domestic, fleshly, base, and universal. The solo exhibition focuses on the sensory dimension of Kiki Smith's oeuvre, with a selection of around a hundred drawings, prints, sculptures, and one video.