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Juri Steiner

Conservation and exhibitions

Catherine Lepdor
Chief Curator, responsible for the scientific sector

Camille Lévêque-Claudet
Curator, ancient and modern art

Nicole Schweizer, Pierre-Henri Foulon
Curator, contemporary art

Camille de Alencastro
Scientific collaborator, ancient and modern art

Elisabeth Jobin
Scientific collaborator, contemporary art

Françoise Delavy, Stéphanie Ricordeau

Sébastien Dizerens
Director of works

Sofia Sanfelice di Monteforte
Director of works

Etienne Malapert, Jonas Hänggi

Florian Chiaradia, Isabelle Labarthe

Manuela Giovannini

Mediation and reception of the public

Sandrine Moeschler
Head of the mediation sector

Cécilia Bovet, Gabrielle Chappuis, Gisèle Comte, Stasa Genest

Anne-Françoise Clerc
Reception and ticketing manager

Claudine Bergdolt, Iman Bouchiba
Reception agents


Communication, marketing and press

Aline Guberan
Head of Communication and Marketing

Lucie Borer
Marketing specialist

Michelle Brupbacher
Event manager

Loise Cuendet
Communication advisor, digital projects

Florence Dizdari
Specialist in public relations, press

Raphaël Rehm

Administration and operation

Sandra Lambert Pitaval
Head of Administration and Operations

Émilie Ray
Project assistant

Yvan Mamin
HR and Accounting Assistant

Anne Moix

Timothée Delay
Technical team leader

Mathias a Marca, Édouard Besson, Peter Matthes, Tristan Turchany

Paulo Lemos
Operations officer in charge

Maria Do Carmo Alves Barbeira
Operations officer

Jean-Michel Auvray
Security and surveillance officer

Laurent Burla, Lucas Beyer
Surveillance team leaders

Eric Mohler
Surveillance officer


Marie-Laure Pauchard
Head of the bookshop-boutique

Rahel Oberhummer, Marie Oliveira
Sales advisors

Association of Friends of the Museum

Kathleen Matthey

The human resources of the MCBA are managed by the Fondation PLATEFORME 10.

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