Hearing You with My Eyes. Kiki Smith

9.10.2020 — 10.1.2021

The art of Kiki Smith (*1954) is a meditation on the body. The artist observes every aspect of corporeal materiality and the conditions shaping the time on earth of the body political, spiritual, domestic, fleshly, base, and universal. The solo exhibition focuses on the sensory dimension of Kiki Smith’s oeuvre, with a selection of around a hundred drawings, prints, sculptures, and one video.

Kiki Smith uses a wide range of materials and craft techniques, but takes a particular interest in the fragility and expressive potential of paper and its resemblance to skin. Flesh is also suggested by wax and bronze in sculptures, often cast from living models including herself. Her earlier work often fragmented the body into organs, fluids, and senses; later work approached the body as an envelope, while her most recent works have taken a step back to evoke its relationship with the cosmos and flora and fauna.


Hearing You with My Eyes. Kiki Smith

Laurence Schmidlin (dir.), Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts de Lausanne / Scheidegger & Spiess, Zurich (French/English)

With essays by Amelia Jones, Lisa Le Feuvre and Laurence Schmidlin