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Terms and conditions


The terms and conditions (T&C) apply by rights and without exception to all sales transacted on the MCBA website.

By clicking on the “I have read and agree to the terms and conditions” checkbox, you are declaring that you accept these conditions without exception, are at least 18 years old, or are exercising your legal capacity or parental authority allowing the buyer to place an order either in person or online for any MCBA products.

MCBA reserves the right to modify the T&C at any time. It is the T&C in force at the time of the order that is the accepted standard.

Applicable law and jurisdiction
Swiss law applies to the legal relationship between MCBA and the client. The place of jurisdiction is Lausanne.

Data protection
All personal data is considered confidential. All information needed for carrying out an order/reservation is processed by computer and may be communicated to associated businesses when handling an order or furnishing a service. By accepting the present T&C, you agree to the use of your data as written above.

Online purchase (ticket, reservation)

Prices are in Swiss francs (CHF). The price stated at the time of the order is the valid price. Shipping and handling charges are billed in addition according to the type of package and how it is sent. They are indicated when the order is placed. Sales of admission tickets to MCBA and for programed activities such as concerts, performances, group or individual tours, teaching workshops, etc., are processed according to the number of entries allocated to each event. When you received your ticket(s), it is up to you to verify that they indeed correspond to your order.

Reduced admission
If you are entitled to reduced admission, you must be prepared to show proper identification at the museum ticket desk, where you will receive a voucher in return. If you present an ID that is not valid you will be refused entry.

Payment method
Payment must be made in Swiss francs (CHF).
a) Prepayment: tickets, reservations, and museum shop purchases are paid when ordered/reserved. Orders and reservations are only processed upon receipt of payment.
b) Electronic payment: MCBA accepts Visa and Mastercard credit card payment.
c) Payment security: for all payments carried out when placing an order or making a reservation on the MCBA website, MCBA uses a secure system for online payments.

Delivery time
The delivery times indicated on the MCBA website are only a rough guide. Delivery time begins at the moment, if you are prepaying, when payment is indeed received (in all cases, upon reception of the payment). Should it prove impossible to carry out a delivery, the order in question will be annulled and you will be informed and any possible payment already made will be reimbursed. If MCBA cannot meet the delivery date, you may annul the order/reservation in writing. Annulment is valid if it arrives in writing at MCBA before the order has been sent. Any other type of claim based on delayed product delivery or even partial non-fulfilment of delivery is excluded.

Force majeure
MCBA cannot be held responsible for any form of non-fulfillment that is due to force majeure, to unforeseen events or natural disasters. Should an event be canceled, MCBA will decide on how tickets will be reimbursed. In all cases, however, the price of the ticket(s) alone will be reimbursed; additional damages of any kind cannot be claimed.

Loss or theft of tickets
MCBA disclaims all liability if tickets are lost or stolen, including on the MCBA premises. In case of loss or theft of tickets, no reimbursement will be made.


E-tickets are valid when presented on an interface such as a smartphone or tablet. Printed e-tickets are only valid if they are printed out on white A4 paper that is blank on both sides. Entry to an event is subject to verification of the validity of the e-ticket(s) via the printed code. A quality printout is necessary. E-tickets that are partly printed, smudged, damaged, or illegible will not be accepted or will be considered invalid. In case of a problem affecting the printed e-ticket(s) or a poorly printed e-ticket(s), you must reprint your e-ticket(s). To verify the quality of the printout, make sure that the information written on the printed e-ticket(s) and the barcode are in fact legible.

Tickets issued as e-tickets cannot be returned, exchanged, or reimbursed. It is your responsibility to ensure that the information on your order is correct. MCBA is not obligated to verify the identity of the person who presents the e-ticket in order to ensure that that person is indeed the buyer; nor to verify the authenticity of the e-ticket inasmuch as an imitation or copy of the ticket cannot be identified beyond all doubt when the ticket is validated at the entrance. E-ticket holders who are turned away at the ticket check have no right to a reimbursement of the price paid.

On site

The Auditorium, the public workshop, and other MCBA venues practice open seating, subject to availability (official seating capacity). We recommend that you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the event. You must show a valid admission ticket (which you can obtain at the MCBA reception desk upon presentation of a purchased ticket) to enter. This includes free events.

Fraudulent use of an admission ticket
MCBA will refuse entry to shows and events to anyone holding a ticket that has already been used for admission. Each admission ticket is valid only once and for the person presenting the ticket for the first time. That person will be presumed to be the legitimate holder of the admission ticket since the buyer is legally responsible for any copies made of the ticket, notably from their electronic mailbox.

Respect for safety rules
Persons attending an event are obligated to respect the safety rules and rules for good behavior established by the organizer.

Reserving guided group tours

The provisions above touching on the fraudulent use of admission tickets, or the loss or theft of tickets, apply to the reservation and/or sale of any services related to guided group tours for adults, young people, children, or students, carried out on the MCBA website. Guided group tours must be booked no later than two weeks before the date of the visit. Reservations are processed according to availability.

Reservations made online are strictly limited to the hours and days indicated on the reservation form. Payment must be made when a reservation is placed. MCBA may demand to see confirmation of payment on the day of the tour; you must have proof of payment with you at the time of your visit.

Cancelation or change of date for a tour must be made no later than seven working days prior to the reserved date. After that limit no modification or reimbursement will be made. Any reimbursement will be done with a bank transfer and requires a written request. No reimbursement will be made by MCBA personnel at the reception and ticket desk.

Terms and conditions, version effective starting 1 June 2019

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