Anne Rochat
Doris Magico’s Nose is Facing Chongqing, chapitre 5 de Doris Magico, 2019

  • Anne Rochat (Vallée de Joux, 1982)
  • Doris Magico’s Nose is Facing Chongqing, chapitre 5 de Doris Magico, 2019
  • Video, colour, sound, Blue, 25’07’’, Casque, 12’42’’, Chouette, 7’47’’, Christ 2019, 18’43’’, Spider, 24’02’’, Yangtsé, 16’50’’
  • Acquired by the Commission cantonale des activités culturelles, 2021
  • Inv. 2021-064 à 2021-069
  • © Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts de Lausanne

Anne Rochat’s art consists essentially of performances developed in response to particular situations and spaces: as she said in 2020, she seeks “the tangible experience of travel, discomfort, the exotic, the disturbing or astonishing, then seeking to recreate its substance in incarnate form in a body, usually my own”. She graduated with an art degree from ECAL in 2008 and now lives in Berlin, though she spends much of her time in Asia and South America, developing performances in reaction to the sites she visits.

Some of her performances are in front of a live audience, while others are solo, with the video recording as the only remaining trace. One such was the cycle of performances she conducted as her alter ego, Doris Magico, involving simple, usually short, actions alone in front of a fixed video camera. She began the series in 2009 with performances in Lausanne and concluded it in the same city a decade later. In the meantime, she produced various chapters as she travelled to India and China, against the vast backdrop of the Lake Qinghai region and the urban setting of Chongqing.

She produced this series of six videos while in Chongqing for a month with the director François Bovy and the interpreter Yang Zhang. The character of Doris Magico undertakes a series of actions – balancing on a wall wearing a safety helmet, swimming across the Yangtze, dancing wrapped in mulch fabric. This enables Rochat to bring her poetic gaze to bear on the Chinese megacity, exploring the relationship between humans and their environment. Whether she is Anne Rochat or Doris Magico, she probes the world to experience its resistances and potentials, as well as to test her own endurance. Her body is her instrument, letting her listen to the world and chime in harmony with it.


Nicole Schweizer (éd.), Anne Rochat. In Corpore, exh. cat. Lausanne, Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts, Lausanne, art&fiction, 2020.