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Anne Rochat. In Corpore Prix culturel Manor Vaud 2020

11.12.2020  — 14.2.2021

For her show featured in the MCBA Espace Projet, Anne Rochat (*1982 in the vallée de Joux; lives and works in Berlin) unfolds a panorama of her work from the last ten years.

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Giovanni Giacometti. Aquarelles

16.10.2020 — 17.1.2021

MCBA conserves many oil paintings and drawings by Giovanni Giacometti, a major artist from the turn of the 20th century and a faithful friend of one of the institution’s great donors, the Lausanne physician Henri-Auguste Widmer. By putting on display an exceptional group of watercolors, all of them privately owned and almost all unknown outside their home, MCBA is inviting us to discover a lesser known side of Giovanni Giacometti’s remarkable body of work.

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Kiki Smith. Hearing You with My Eyes

9.10.2020 — 10.1.2021

With a selection of nearly one hundred pieces, some of which have never been shown in Europe before, the exhibition includes work the american artist made over the past forty years. It is organized around the theme of sensory perception, which has been central to Smith’s work yet little explored until now.

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Jorge Macchi. La Cathédrale engloutie

11.9 — 22.11.2020

The idea of fiction lies at the heart of the work created by the artist Jorge Macchi (born in 1963; lives and works in Buenos Aires). By placing familiar objects (clocks, instruments, maps, newspapers, etc.) in carefully arranged displays, Macchi lays for us a number of visual traps. Through these he questions our ability to perceive the fragile balance of daily life, which is permanently threatened by incident.

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Yersin dessinateur. Quittez mines grises, le printemps est là!


Albert-Edgar Yersin (1905-1984), best known for his talent as an engraver, was first and foremost a master of the art and craft of drawing. A catalogue raisonné of over 1,800 of his works is currently underway. The exhibition showcases some of his most powerful creations, taken in large part from MCBA’s own major holdings of his oeuvre.

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Taus Makhacheva. 4’224,92 cm2 de Degas

13.3 — 23.8.2020

The works of Taus Makhacheva (born 1983, lives and works in Moscow), whether they take the form of performances, installations, or videos, are often inspired by a story – told, imagined, or experienced first-hand. She explores the grand narratives of history and the history of art, focusing on their constructions, omissions, and geographical and political slants. Take Tightrope (2015), a video installation presented at the 57th Venice Biennale, which shows a tightrope walker carrying copies of paintings from the Museum of Fine Arts in the artist’s native Dagestan across a rope stretched taut across a precipice, offering a metaphor both of the artist’s position and the hierarchies at work in the creation of artistic value.

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Under the Skin. Vienna 1900, from Klimt to Schiele and Kokoschka

2.6 — 23.8.2020

MCBA offers a new perspective on the role of Viennese artists in the genesis of modern art. Under the Skin presents over 170 paintings, drawings, sculptures, and objects created at the dawn of the twentieth century.

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News August 2020

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9.10.2020 - 10.01.2021

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